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In today's fast-moving and innovative IT industry, business ecosystems have become highly competitive. There comes a point when the best way forward is to create strategic business alliances, refocus your resources and skills and create a shared, stronger goal for success. Apace can guide you though the minefield of a partnering program, developing and managing a systematic approach to building a competitive advantage, delivering revenue and growth.

"No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent,
a part of the main.
"    John Donne  

Our partnering philosophy is fundamentally based on a five dimensional systematic approach - Strategic, Operational, Cultural, Commercial and Technical, to obtain the most appropriate partnership and alliance strategy for your company. It may be that your business will not require all of the dimensions of our approach if you have already been working with partners in some form – but our approach will enable us to evaluate and determine the best route forward to achieve continued success.

The relevance of an alliance depends on the benefits, the match of priorities, the realistic joint business potential and execution power.

Nina S. Christiansen founder of Apace Consulting Ltd
Nina S. Christiansen
Nina S. Christiansen on Likned in
Nina S. Christiansen

Apace Consulting Ltd was founded in 2013 by Norwegian born Nina S. Christiansen. Nina is a seasoned and renowned alliance strategist with global experience in helping companies grow, and extensive knowledge of software, high quality IT (cloud) services, strategic business levers and the value of partnerships.

She has strong relationships with clients and partners like Apple, Cisco, CSC, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oralce, SAP, Tieto and Unisys.

Nina lives in both Norway and England, and has held many global leadership roles.

Five dimensional systematic approach - Strategic, Operational, Cultural, Commercial and Technical

" A systematic approach combined with skilled people and strategy alignment guarantees excellent result."
Nina S. Christiansen

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